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Corfu Literature - Poetry - Literary Institutions in Kerkyra.
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Throughout their long rule Venetians did not encourage the intellectual development of the Ionian people, however they encouraged young men to study at the Italian universities.

 Three literary institutions were founded in Corfu. The most notable one was the Accademia degli Assicurati that was active from 1656 to 1716.



 Antonios Eparchos (1491-1571) was the scholar and poet. He became the best-known cotemporary collector, copyist and trader of Greek manuscripts, which enriched some of the greatest Libraries of Europe. His poetical work, Lament for the Fall of Greece was published in 1544.

 Another Corfiot Nikolaos Sophianos is chiefly known for his Modern Greek Grammar. He also translated a number of Greek classics into Modern Greek. He established the Sophianos printing press in 1544.

 The historian Andreas Marmoras (1618-1684) is well remembered as the author of the first history of Corfu, published in 1672 in Italian and entitled Della Historia di Corfu.


 Evgenios Boulgaris (1716-1806) was the eminent divine, philosopher and mathematician. He wrote a monumental translation of Virgil’s Aenid and Georgics in Homeric hexameters. His most important works are his Book of Logic, Elements of Metaphysics, and Principles of Philosophy.


Nikiphoros Theotokis (1731-1800) was the great ecclesiastical scholar, theologian and mathematician. He was the first to introduce into Greece the study of mathematics and natural sciences; he was also the first author of high standing to use Modern Greek in his writings.


To Evgenios Boulgaris and Nikiphoros Theotokis, both illustrious men, and enlightened ‘teachers of the nation’, Greece owes a great part of its cultural revival.

 Marios Pieris (1776-1852) was a writer and poet. His main work comprises four volumes of prose and poetry, published under the title Opere di Mario Pieri Corcirese. His historical work in Italian Compendio della Storia del Risorgimento della Grecia dal 1740 al 1824 was awarded a prize by the famous Accademia della Crusca.

 Nikolaos Delviniotis (1770-1850) became famous for his Italian verse translation of Homer’s Odyssey. In Corfu he taught law in the Ionian Academy and was elected Professor of law at the Ionian University.

 Michael-Stephen Trivolis-Pieris (1784-1829) was the botanist, and the first Corfiot to write a work on botany, under the title Flora Corcyrensis Centuria Prima.

 Athanos Politis (1790-1864) established the first school of mutual instruction in Greece. Thanks to his efforts elementary education was promoted in all the Corfu villages and in the other Ionian Islands.

 Constantinos Zavitzianos (1810-1881) was the author of a number of medical works, of which his Descriptive Anatomy was translated into Italian and used as a textbook in many Italian universities. In 1852 he founded the first Greek private School for Girls.

 Dionysios Solomos (1798-1857), lyric poet, who is regarded as the greatest poet of modern Greece. His works include the Hymn to Liberty, composed in 1823, the first stanzas of which were adopted later as the National Anthem of Greece. The movement known as the Corfu Literary School was initiated by the group of friends and disciples, who gathered around Solomos and followed his example by using the everyday language of the people in their original work, and their translations.

 Constantinos Theotokis (1872-1923) is a noted novelist. He is considered the initiator of the social and naturalistic novel in Greece, depicting Corfiot life and customs. He is also known for his translations into Modern Greek of Plato, Aristophanes, Virgil, Goethe, Shiller and Shakespeare. Among his original works belong, The Value of Money, The Life and Death of Karavellas, The Condemned and Slaves in their Chains.  


 Petros Brailas-Armenis (1812-1884) was a leading Modern Greek Philosopher. He founded the Greek weekly newspaper ‘Patris’ of which he was the chief editor. His most important works are Theoretical and practical Philosophical Works, and Philosophical Studies.

 Bibliography: STAMATOPOULOS, N.: Old Corfu, History and Culture,

K. Mihalas s.a., Athens, 1993


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