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Night Entertainment - The Greek way!
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Greek cuisine is considered to be very tasty and healthy. Everybody who visits Greece must taste her cuisine. Consisting of olive oil, feta cheese, tomatoes, garlic, onions, fish, seafood and plenty of oregano, Greek meals are definitely satisfying for every gourmand.  




Greek hospitality is famous and is only in a genuine Greek taverna that you can enjoy it to the full.

Greek evening is a combination of a dinner in a traditional Greek taverna with program consisting of live music, singing and dancing in traditional costumes.

Next Holidays chose the best taverna organizing Greek evening in Corfu, “Gloupos Taverna”. Food is delicious and plenty and wine unlimited. 4 singers, 8 dancers and 5 live music band members are guarantee for excellent program not to be forgotten.

“Gloupos” means “Greedy” – a perfect name for a taverna where sheer splendor of the food is bound to stimulate your appetite.

Appetizer galore starts your meal. There are the favorite taramosalata and tzatziki, plus delicacies such as crispy cheese pies; spicy sausages and melting baked potatoes. Then you can tuck in to one of the superb main courses – succulent spit roasts and charcoal – grilled meats or savory stews like Pastitsada, Sofrito and Stifado. To accompany the spread come carafes of wine for quaffing while you enjoy the marvelous entertainment.

The party gets going with live band who serenade you with a medley of Greek and international hits. The talented resident singer, joined by the fastest bouzouki band around, puts his all into getting everyone up to dance. Greek dancing is supplied by Corfu’s premier troupe, with peacock bright regional costumes and plenty of swirling skirts and high kicks. The climax of the program is a spectacular “Zorbas”, after which you can join in and learn the dances yourself. 

You will leave Gloupos satiated by the best of what a Greek evening can offer. The evening will be a really memorable night out.



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