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Windsurfing in Corfu island - The best windsurfing destination for the ideal weather conditions.
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Corfu has become renowned for outstanding windsurfing. Its reliable wind has made it a “Mecca” for recreational windsurfers. Ideal for groups of mixed abilities and those who just want to blast!



Naxos Windsurf: Club Mistral Windsurf A Mediterranean ambience, hot weather, sandy beaches and plenty of vital wind at west coast for a generally good value create perfect combination for windsurfing and kite surfing holidays. The island itself has a varied landscape.  In the north, the mountains rise to 960 meters, with pretty little villages, cliffs and more dramatic scenery. In the middle of the island a combination of flat and mountainous terrain approaches. This is the best place for windsurfing and kite surfing.  Issos beach, only 28 km from Corfu Town is the island’s most exotic beach. From there to Agios Georgios stretch kilometers of fine damp sand that has been shaped into dunes. Green hills on the one hand, golden hills on the other.


The winds normally blow cross-shore, cross-onshore and onshore making it easy for save free riding conditions. In the morning are light winds averaging from 3 to 5 knots. Afternoons are having more stable winds averaging from 9 to 17 knots.  There is always the occasional exceptional day in between. December to April have the most constant strong winds. The best intermediate and basic level learning conditions are in May and July. August usually produces the strongest winds averaging 15 knots.

 naxos windsurf: naxos surf club

The beach is organized with toilets, lifeguard, snack bar, changing rooms and it is awarded by European Blue Flag for its cleanness.

 The ultimate naxos windsurf club in Mikri Vigla

There are two windsurfing schools in Issos Beach. One owned by German windsurfers and the other owned by English windsurfers. Both schools rent all equipment as well as provide training for all categories of surfers.


The center is equipped with the latest Fanatic, Mistral and Tushingham wave and slalom kit.  Launch on the beach in front of the centre where the waves are smaller and one gibe downwind and you're in the impact zone. Or stay upwind for bump & jump sailing.

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