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The best diving school in Corfu island.
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  Next Holidays chose the safest and reliable diving school in Corfu. We co-operate with Nautilus Diving School that is operating for 12 years and its experience is unquestionable. The school is open from May to October.    
  • Snorkelling
  • Introduction to Diving
  • C.M.A.S. * Diver
  • C.M.A.S. ** Diver
  • B.S.A.C. Ocean Diver
  • B.S.A.C. Sports Diver

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Dives are organised on the West Coast of the Island for experienced divers and the East Coast of the Island for beginners or the less experienced.

Up to date equipment is available for hire. The school uses a 13:60 m hard boat on the East coast, a 5,5m RIB on the west coast and a Land Rover and trailer for reaching shore Sites.


Selection of Diving Sites

West Coast 

Saint George

A shore dive with an easy entry off the rocks. Keeping along the rocks by the shore this can be a shallow dive for beginners or trainees. Further off shore the depth reaches -13 meters. With rocks and sand it is home to octopus, wrasse, cardinal and damsel fish. A World War II mine is sometimes uncovered by the sand.   



A shore dive around the small island of Prassoudi beach, with its interesting underwater terrain. Rock, sand, clay, small caves and a swim through make this one of our favourites.

 Pendanissia (Five islands)

A short boat ride to the largest of the islands, dive down to a ridge at -5 meters and then on down to 14 meters through a cave into the “round room”, continue along the outside of the sheer rock faces until you reach the second cave, large enough to accommodate a number of divers. There are several other dives that can be made at this site, max. depth is -21 meters.

Monopetra (One Rock)

An impressive long Rock said to be Ulysses’ ship turned to stone. The dive is usually around the North and the West sides of the rock, we could dive around the whole rock but rarely do as there is no much to see. A cave with three entrances is home to small grouper, moray and the roof of the cave are decorated with a carpet of small anemones. Various Kinds of nudibranchs can be seen at this Site. 

Wave Rock

Close to the previous dive site and therefore is home to similar marine life. This is a large rock pinnacle that rises from sandy bottom at 21 meters to just one meter above the surface. 

East Coast 


An interesting boat trip to the North of the island brings up to picturesque bay at Nissaki. The dive site is situated under the highest mountain of the island and the terrain continues down under the water, with a ledge at 6 meters and then a drop off down to 30m plus. The rock face is covered with many different types of sponges, tube worms, false corals and bryozoa such as Neptunes’ Lace and Ross Coral. 

4 Rock Point

A steeply sloping bottom leads down to 17 meters then on to 21 meters. There a rocky ridge runs parallel with the shore. Many kinds of sponges and anemones are to be seen. 


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