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Achillion Palace - Corfu.
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 It is situated high up in the village of Gastouri, nine kilometers from Corfu Town. Gastouriís world renown originated at the end of the 19th century when Empress Elizabeth of Austria (1837-1898) built the Palace.

The Empress, known as Sissy, had grown to love the island during her numerous visits, and she set her mind on a residence, where in former times the mansion of the philosopher Petros Armenis Vrailas stood.



  The fairy-tale Achillion Palace, built between 1889 and 1891 by the Italian architect Rafaelo Carito, was the result.  The construction was built in the architectural style of Pompeii, although it includes elements of the Ionic, Roman and Aeolic traditions.  Sissi was fascinated by the mythology of Ancient Greece; she especially admired Achilles, and dedicated the palace to him. The statue of Achilles Dying, as well as many others, which represents gods and heroes from Greek mythology, embellishes the Palace garden. But Sissy did not live long to enjoy her creation, and after her assassination in Geneva in 1898 the Palace remained empty until 1907, when Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany bought it. The Kaiser removed the two statues of Achilles, built the House of the Knights, in order to house his battalion, and he rearranged the gardens. During the World Wars, the palace was used as a hospital and headquarters. After World War II, Achillion became a public estate. Inside the palace, one can admire the fresco of the reception chamber showing Achilles dragging the dead body of Hector in front of the Trojan walls. Today the Achillion Palace is one of Corfuís most popular sights and its visit is a genuinely unforgettable experience.






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